Our Mission

BioQuisitive provides a community laboratory--a safe environment for the practice of DIYBio. It is a shared resource for independent scholars in the life sciences, tinkerers, and members of the general community with an interest in biology. It seeks to democratise access to scientific research and knowledge in the life sciences, and to be a valuable resource for community education in the life sciences. This occurs in the context of Free Culture, (specifically Open Access publication and the use of Free and Open Source software and hardware licensing) and in full compliance with the Australian National Regulatory System for Gene Technology. The primary goals are for members to learn and to have fun.


Check out some of the questions that are being asked at BioQuisitive.

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Intro to BioHacking, Experimental Design, Lab Techniques, Mycology, and more! If you have an idea workshop you'd like held let us know. (under construction)

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Bioquisitive hosts a range of events. Social gatherings, panel discussions with guest speakers and more. See what's coming up!

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